What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are games where a team of people are locked in a room and have to figure out a series of clues and puzzles to escape. Each room is themed and is decorated accordingly, with clues and puzzles that will lead you along in the story to acheive your goal and "escape". The game is supervised by The Game Master who can provide you with clues (if needed), and will ensure you have a good time!

What makes AdventureUS escape rooms so unique?

With a background in theater and scenic design, we pride ourselves on our high production values and immersive, detailed rooms. That, and our absolute OBSESSION with escape games, means you don’t have to settle for a typical escape room experience. Prepare to be “WOWED”!

What will I be doing?

Solving puzzles, figuring out clues, opening locks, searching for hidden items, exploring the heavily themed room, and working with your teammates to escape!

What if I’m scared?

While we hope our rooms surprise and delight you, there is nothing truly scary or horror-themed.

How old do you have to be to play?

12+ years old is recommended, as our puzzles may be a bit too challenging for younger players, but children of all ages are allowed. Players under 18 years old must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Children under 5 years old may tag along for free.


There is plenty of parking in our business park. We do ask that you park along the side of the main road instead of right in front of our entrance if you can, to allow better access for elderly or disabled guests.

Dress code?

Wear something you can easily move around in. Shirts & shoes are required.

Are reservations needed?

Yes. You must book your game in advance, we do not accept walk-ins. Visit our “Book Now” page to view available times and dates, or give us a call/send an email to check our availability day-of.

Will I be playing with other people?

Our rooms accommodate 2-8 people. Unless you choose to book the highest amount of players for your game, there is a chance that you will be playing with strangers. This adds to the intrigue! Only awesome people do escape rooms, so we’re sure you’ll meet a new friend.

What if we don’t escape?

You’re stuck in the room forever! Bwahaha! Just kidding. The Game Master will come in, debrief you on your experience, and then you’re set free! Hanging your head in shame as you walk out is optional.

Do we need to be there early?

Yes! Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. We do not give refunds for no-shows or late arrivals. We do have a 5 minute grace period for slow pokes, but after that, your clock starts ticking and you’ll have less time in the game!

Do you allow refunds?

We’re happy to reschedule your game for you (with 48 hours notice please), but tickets are non-refundable. Please call or email us to reschedule at least 48 hours in advance of your game time. Don’t bum us out and be a no-show!

What if I’m claustrophobic, too scared, or just need to leave?

The rooms aren’t THAT small, and plenty of small-space-sensitive people have enjoyed our games, but if you feel for any reason that you need to leave, you can simply walk out at any time. (No, you will not be allowed back in for the remainder of the game. But our waiting area is lovely!)

Is alcohol allowed?

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If you appear under the influence by any means, you will be asked to leave and/or escorted off the premises by our security pals.

Can I take pictures?

Sorry, but we wouldn’t want any of our secrets to leak out! All phones must be put away while you’re in the game. Take this as an opportunity to get away from those unwanted texts from work (or your mother). You can absolutely take all the pics you want in our lobby!

Can we ask for hints if we get stuck?

Yes! The Game Master can give you hints if you get stuck (there’s no limit or penalty if you need multiple hints).

Do you host events or parties?

Yes we do! We can host any type of event, whether it be a corporate team-building event, birthday party , or even your local Scout troop! Escape rooms are a great opportunity for team building or just having fun. Larger groups may use the rooms simultaneously. Please email us so we can accommodate and schedule you accordingly.

Do you offer gift cards or certificates?

Sure! We offer gifts for 2-8 people, you can purchase them here, through our website.

Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Our venue and rooms are wheelchair accessible, but some of the clues require you to have some physical flexibility or get through narrow spaces. But it can absolutely be done! Give us a call if you have questions about specific needs.

How fit do you need to be to play?

You’ll be using your brain muscles more than your actual muscles, don’t worry! There is no climbing or steps involved - our games are suitable for pretty much everybody!

Where are you located?

3751 Merced Dr., Suite #E in Riverside, CA. Your first puzzle will be finding us! Just kidding. Click Here if you’d like a site map of the business park where our venue is located.

Are there rules?

Yep, but don’t worry! We’ll go over everything with you and your team when you arrive 15 minutes early.